Jungfrau Ski Club Membership

Membership offers a number of advantages and privileges including:

  • Discount accommodation rates for the member and members immediate family
  • Priority bookings
  • On-site storage facilities for all your gear. Drive to the snow with a backpack!
  • A strong sense of community within the club and on the mountain.

Yes and no… No new memberships  are being issued, with total membership fixed at 34. Memberships do come up from time to time and may be purchased from a resigning member.  Demand varies considerably, and at times there can be a wait list.

Memberships may be sold to approved purchasers at prices negotiated between seller and buyer (the Club is not involved in setting sale prices)

The purchase price of Membership Rights is not fixed. It is determined by negotiated agreement between buyers and sellers.

We would like to hear from you! To join the wait list, please use the CONTACT FORM and select “Membership Enquiry”

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